Landscape Rock in the Portland, OR, Area

Flagstone is small to large diameter, mostly flat stones, typically about 1-3″ in thickness, and no hardscape is complete without them. Use them in patios, walkways, water features, stair steps, or as a veneer.

Iron Mountain – one of our most popular flagstones due to the rich blue-black colors accentuated with natural rust tones, a true northwest favorite.

Variegated Bluestone – Bluestone is not just a local favorite, but a national one as it is used all over our great country because of its workability, versatility, and value. It’s neutral green/blue to brown earth tones help it blend well in any landscape design. We also offer it in square or rectangular patterns as well as tumbled step stones where the edges are rounded off to give an old world look. Bluestone is also available in lavender or blue colors.

Silver Amber Quartzite – A very hard stone, there is nothing hard about the look and value of quartzite. Colors of silver and gold, and some white with specks of green are a wonderful addition to any landscape.

Rustic Falls – This stone is known for its unique patterns and variegated colors, primarily in the darker brown and light gray ranges, though yellows, greens, purples and blacks are not uncommon. 

Camas Gray – a local favorite for years, Camas gray is a very neutral gray color that is multipurpose and may be used in almost any application.