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Frequently asked Questions

  • Are you open to the public?

    Yes we are! Come on in!

    Summer Hours (Mar-Oct) M-F 7:30-5:30, Sat 8-5, Sun 10-4.
    Winter Hours (Nov-Feb) M-F 7:30-4:30, Sat 9-4, closed Sunday

  • Do you sell landscape products by weight or volume?

    Most rock products are sold by the pound or ton. Our bark, soils, compost, and lava rock is sold by volume (cubic yard).

  • Why do you sell by weight and not per yard?

    Selling by weight is the most accurate unit of measure for rock products. Also, it allows for an infinite quantity so you’re not limited to ½ or 1 yard increments like at other yards.

    You can simply “eyeball” the quantity if you like! We have a drive-on scale which is extremely convenient so you can load products directly into your vehicle.

  • What is the minimum I can order at a time?

    There is no minimum for rock products. We do ask a ½ yard minimum for those products sold by volume when our front loader is used to load it (i.e. bark, soil, compost, or lava rock).

    Otherwise, feel free to bring in your own containers for smaller quantities. We will simply measure your containers and charge accordingly.

  • How much landscape rock do I need?

    The quantity typically depends on the square footage and the thickness of your application. The same goes for walls as well.

    Use our FREE CALCULATOR to estimate the amount of rock or gravel for your project.

    Or feel free to call us or stop by and we will help you figure it out.

  • How much does a ton weigh?

    2,000 lbs

  • How much does a yard of landscape material weigh?

    Most sand and gravel weighs approx. 2200-2700 lbs per yard; Lava rock is approx. 1100-1300 lbs, Bark weighs approx. 500-800 lbs, blended soil and compost is approx. 900-1100 lbs, and topsoil is approx 1900-2100lbs.

    Keep in mind these numbers can change depending on moisture content, however we do keep our soil and compost tarped to minimize additional water content.

  • How much does a pallet of landscape rock weigh? And do I have to purchase a full pallet?

    Most pallets weigh about 3-4000 lbs, and no, there is no minimum purchase required.

  • Can I choose the rocks I want?

    Yes, if you’re looking for that perfect piece we generally have 2-3 open pallets so you can find it.

  • Do I have to load my own vehicle?

    Yes and no… We have equipment to handle most of the heavy lifting, however if you have an enclosed vehicle it may be difficult for our equipment to safely load it so loading it by hand may become necessary.

    If you are selecting specific rocks you will need to hand load those, as well as any small quantities of product that need to be loaded in small containers such as buckets.

  • How do I know how much landscape material my vehicle can haul?

    The short answer is a full size pickup can typically haul up to one yard of gravel and two yards of bark. A small compact pickup will be half that or less. The long answer is as follows: The GVW rating for your vehicle (typically located on the driver’s side door frame or your owner’s manual) is the maximum total “gross” weight allowed per your manufacturer’s specifications.

    We have a drive-on scale so when you arrive we can determine at that point how much may be safely loaded, depending on your scale weight, or “tare” weight.

  • Do you deliver, how much will it cost, and how much time do I need to order?

    Delivery is available and prices vary depending on product type, quantity, and destination but typically runs $55-75 for local dump truck deliveries. 1-2 days is usually enough time to schedule deliveries, and sometimes we can do it the same day, but that depends on availability. Free delivery is available for nearby bark orders of 7.5-9 yard quantities!

    As a Uhaul neighborhood dealer we also offer Uhaul trucks/trailers available for rent. They are a good value for hauling small loads, and a GREAT value compared to a forklift truck when hauling pallets of product (but you unload by hand). Call ahead for availability and pricing.

  • What does one-man rock or two-man rock mean?

    This refers to the size of a boulder and how many men it would take to move it using a prybar. A one-man boulder might be up to 300 lbs, and a two-man boulders would be approx. 300-800 lbs. A three-man boulder is over 800 lbs and typically requires equipment to move it.

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