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How to Install a Patio or Walkway

Choose from three of the most common ways to install your stone patio or walkway.

Install a Patio or Walkway

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Ground Set Method

Use 2 inch or thicker flagstone or step stones

The simplest and most economical way to install step stones is directly in the ground, or Ground Set. This method is pretty self-explanatory and certainly non-technical. The most important thing to consider is the soil’s ability to drain. Areas of poor drainage will cause the stones to settle over time.

If they are being installed in your lawn, simply cut out a space large enough for the stones to fit. You may want to use a small amount of sand or fine gravel to assist in making the stones level.

Be sure the ground you’re setting them in is well-drained, or they will settle unevenly over time. Smaller step stones may settle more than larger ones simply because they have a smaller footprint. If settling does occur simply add more soil or gravel under each stone to bring it back up to level.

To avoid having to bring them back up to level in the future we recommend either a dry lay in 1/4-inch minus crushed gravel, or mortar set.

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