Add the timeless character of natural stone to your house, fireplace, outdoor living space or other outbuildings. With natural stone each piece is a little different guaranteeing a truly unique look that cannot ever be replicated. Building stone is traditionally 3-6″ thick however many “thin” veneers are now readily available. Thin Veneer is typically about one inch thick or less and because it’s cut so thin it helps to solve the weight issues of a typical full bed depth installation which aids in lowering installation costs.

Water features and bubblers

Stone Varieties

From Camas Gray to rainbow cobble we have the variety to supply your project needs, large or small.

Camas Gray 1
Camas Gray 2
Camas Gray 3
Camas Gray 4
Camas Gray 5
Camas Gray 6
Pine Creek Ledgestone 1
Pine Creek Ledgestone 2
Pine Creek Ledgestone 3
Pine Creek Ledgestone 4
Pine Creek Ledgestone 5
Pine Creek Ledgestone 6
Perma Mason 1
Perma Mason 2
Perma Mason 3
Rainbow Cobble

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