Columns and

These naturally occurring architectural pieces are guaranteed to add a dynamic element to any landscape. Custom fabrication can take it a step further. From a custom carved column rock to a simple step up to the deck, there are many purposes for which these stones may be used.

Water features and bubblers

Columnar Basalt

Columnar basalt is very unique to our geographic area. Column rock is so dynamic because of its strong linear lines. The possibilities are endless as they are often used in water fountains, as “bubblers”, benches, accent pieces, and many more custom fabrications. We offer gray Columbia River columns and Bronze columns which are black with a “bronze” patina exterior.

Bronze 1
Bronze 2
Bronze 3
Bronze 4
Bronze 5
Bronze 6
Bronze 7
Bronze 8
Columbia River 1
Columbia River 2
Columbia River 3
Columbia River 4
Columbia River 5
Columbia River 6

Landscape Slabs

Stone “stairs” not only add function to a sloped area, but are a gorgeous addition. Or simply adding a landing off your deck can be a great transitional piece. Stand them up on end and they make great signs or address rocks. Build a table and sitting area too, or have them span a small creek as a bridge. 

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