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Gresham Soil Supply

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All About Dirt from Stone Depot, Your Gresham Soil Supply Yard

For best results with your garden or planting beds, you need great soil to help out the clay that is common in the Gresham area. As your Gresham soil supply pros, we carry excellent-grade topsoil and soil amendments.

Have any questions about what you see? Want to check current prices? Give us a call!

Soil Varieties



Screened to remove rock, good for leveling, grading, and fill. For planting we recommend either of our blended soils.



Rich, dark texture to add nutrients to the soil. Can be tilled in, or top-dressed on flower beds or lawns.

3-way soil

5 Way Blended Soil

Comprised of recycled forest products, sand, compost, dairy compost, composted chicken manure, and a mild balanced fertilizer

Our blended soil is pre-mixed so it’s ready to go and may be planted directly into or used as a soil amendment for any garden area. It’s also great for raised flower beds or reseeding a lawn, as well as potted plants.

3-way soil

3 Way Blended Soil

40% Topsoil, 40% Compost, and 20% Sand

It’s pre-mixed and ready to be planted directly into. Good all-purpose planting soil for lawns or raised beds.

Delivery Available!

landscape supply delivery

We deliver bark, rock, and gravel to customers in Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Boring, Clackamas, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Corbett, Fairview, Troutdale - and surrounding areas

We deliver bark, rock, and gravel to customers in and around Gresham, Oregon. CONTACT US for details.

Gresham Soil Supply FAQ

  • When are you open?

    We are open to the general public and landscaping professionals during the following days and hours:

    Summer Hours: (Mar-Oct) M-F 7:30-5:30, Sat 8-5, Sun 10-4.
    Winter Hours: (Nov-Feb) M-F 7:30-4:30, Sat 9-4, closed Sunday

  • Do you sell mulch?

    The term "mulch" is very popular, but it can mean many different things - from bark, to compost, to soil, to a soil blend. That's why we don't use the term "mulch" on the site - but we likely have what you're looking for anyway. Check out this page in more detail, or look at the barkdust page, or give us a call.

  • Do you sell soil and manure by weight or volume?

    Our bark, soils, compost, and lava rock is sold by volume (cubic yard). This makes it easier for customers to determine how much they need. By figuring out the square yardage of the area they need to cover and multiplying that by the desired thickness of the layer in yards (take inches and divide by 36), anyone can figure out approximately how many yards of soil or manure they need for their application. If math isn't your thing, check out our calculator for help or give us a call.

  • What is the minimum amount of soil I can order?

    We ask a ½ yard minimum for those products sold by volume (like soil), as it makes it quick and easy for our loader to accurately get that quantity.

    That said, you are free to bring in your own containers to load smaller quantities by hand. We will simply measure your containers and charge accordingly.

  • I want to haul soil or manure in my own vehicle - how much does a cubic yard of barkdust weigh?

    Soil and compost weighs approximately 900-1100 lbs, while topsoil weights approximately 1900-2100 lbs depending on water content. We cannot be responsible for overloading your vehicle - please make sure your suspension is rated to handle the load before we scoop it out for you!

  • Do I have to load my own vehicle?

    Not unless you are getting a very small amount of soil. In the vast majority of cases, we can quickly load you up with our front loader.

  • How do I know how much dirt my vehicle can haul?

    The short answer is a full size pickup can typically haul 1-2 yards of soil, depending on weight. A small compact pickup will be half that or less. The long answer is that the GVW rating for your vehicle (typically located on the driver’s side door frame or in your owner’s manual) is the maximum total gross weight allowed per your manufacturer’s specifications. We have a drive-on scale so when you arrive we can determine at that point how much may be safely loaded, depending on your scale or tare weight.

  • Do you deliver, how much will it cost, and how much time do I need to order?

    Delivery is available and prices vary depending on product type, quantity, and destination but typically runs $65+ for local dump truck deliveries. 1-2 days is usually enough time to schedule deliveries, and sometimes we can do it the same day, but that depends on availability. A discounted $25 delivery charge is available for nearby bark or compost orders and select soil orders of 8 yards at a time!

    As a Uhaul neighborhood rental center we also have Uhaul trucks/trailers available much of the time. They are a good value for hauling small loads. Call ahead for availability and pricing.

Gresham Soil Supply Yard Location and Hours

Serving Gresham, Portland, Sandy, Boring, Clackamas, Oregon City, Happy Valley, Milwaukie, Corbett, Fairview, Troutdale - and surrounding areas