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Water features and bubblers

Water Feature Options for Gresham Spaces

A water feature adds an unparalleled dimension to a landscape. The look and sound of running water is tough to beat. We have all that you need to create the water feature you've been envisioning:

  • Drilled bubblers
  • River rock
  • Flat rock
  • Boulders
  • Wall rock
  • Water pumps
  • Pond liner
  • Pond supplies

Whether you're a pro or water feature DIYer, Stone Depot has everything you need as a Gresham water feature supply store to build breathtaking water features. Stop by today or give us a call!

Waterfalls, Fountains, and Ponds

The value added to a home by a well-designed water feature is significant - both in terms of dollars and enjoyment for anyone using the space. Make sure that your water feature is backed by quality products like those sold at Stone Depot, so that its function matches its beauty and will do so for years to come. If you have any questions about water feature design and the costs associated with building one, as your Gresham water feature supply store, we'd be happy to help. Drop by or give us a call today.


Bubblers offer a simple, elegant alternative to a traditional water feature - and when you go with Stone Depot as your Gresham water feature supply store, you have a variety of styles of rock to choose from. Our bronze and Columbia River columns are perfect for any bubbler fountain.

Delivery Available!

landscape supply delivery

We deliver bark, rock, and gravel to customers in and around Gresham, Oregon. CONTACT US for details.

We deliver bark, rock, and gravel to customers in and around Gresham, Oregon. CONTACT US for details.

Gresham Water Feature Supply Store Location and Hours

Gresham Water Feature FAQ

  • When are you open?

    We are open to the general public and landscaping professionals during the following days and hours:

    Summer Hours: (Mar-Oct) M-F 7:30-5:30, Sat 8-5, Sun 10-4.
    Winter Hours: (Nov-Feb) M-F 7:30-4:30, Sat 9-4, closed Sunday

  • What is the difference between a water feature and a water bubbler?

    This is like asking what's the difference between a car and a Ford, in that a bubbler is a type of water feature in which water comes out the top but not at high enough speed to make it a fountain. Think of the Benson Bubbler drinking fountains in downtown Portland. A water feature refers to any landscape feature involving water, such as a waterfall, a pond, a fountain, or a bubbler.

  • How much does a water feature cost to install?

    This will entirely depend on the size of the project and the materials involved. We can help you estimate your cost when you come by the shop or give us a call.

  • How much does a water feature cost to operate?

    We can help you estimate this based on when during the year you plan to run your water feature, and the power requirements of the pump in question. In general, we can say that water features are affordable to operate and provide a great return on investment, both financially and otherwise.

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